“Without the truth from Reverse Speech the planet has no future, it opens that door for all of us” ~ Jeff Rense

Finally the truth is revealed… after more than 15 years of silence following death threats, an arson attack, covert surveillance and even a drive by shooting David Oates shares the truth behind the words of some of the past century’s most prolific American politicians in this gripping account of his journey with Reverse Speech the technology he first discovered in 1989.

In an age where we are once again seeing the value of truth and honesty in our communication and behaviour – the revelations shared in this book serve to further the progress humanity is making toward a more conscious and aware existence.



David is brutally open and honest about the implications of this discovery on himself and those around him, how its existence will impact society and the many revelations it has revealed so far.

1. The Ultimate Truth Detector

A step too far? Perhaps the World (or individuals and organisations within it) aren’t ready for the truth, at least not the whole truth and nothing but the truth!

TV shows, the US Government, Law Enforcement, Lawsuits and more this chapter would give most Hollywood script writers a run for their money – and this story is true!

2. The Day America Died

Getting to the truth… Reverse Speech begins to unravel the speculation surrounding the death of JFK, what Lee Harvey Oswald was ‘really’ telling us and how Nixon, Hoover, LBJ, Allen Dulles, maybe Gerald Ford, and the Israeli government may all have been involved!

Plus the Cuban Missile crisis and more.

3. Inside the Halls of Power

Obama, Clinton, Trump and Iraq all feature in this 3rd chapter which continues to look for truth amongst the corridors of power in Washington and beyond.

Warning: the truth David reveals contains explicit language!

4. The Secrets of Success

Is it really possible to discover what connects the World’s richest and most successful men and women? Through his studies David reveals the unconscious patterns of leaders like David Rockefeller, Sir Richard Branson, Bill Gates, Tony Robbins, Oprah Winfrey, Steve Jobs and more.

In this chapter you’ll finally discover what really drives their success and how through Reverse Speech you can model them.

5. Ripping Open the Veil of Consciousness

No other body of work delves deeper into the the varying states of mind, diving beyond the conscious mind into the unconscious and ultimately the collective unconscious David’s work explains many of the mysteries of life.

This fascinating chapter will stimulate the very soul of your being!

6. Seeking the Truth Within

The underlying reason people come to David is to discover the truth within.

In this chapter David shares real-life case studies that clearly demonstrate the power of Reverse Speech in helping us live lives free from the bindings of defunct thinking and beliefs and shares the process he’s spent his life developing.

7. Towards Enlightenment

Forging a path for change chapter 7 reveals the true purpose of Reverse Speech, David’s journey and the road ahead as he sees it – for the sake of all humankind.

8. A Revolution of Truth

Does the world want such a technology? Probably not, but like it or not, it has no choice. Reverse Speech is here and it is here to stay. More people will be trained every year and the revolution of truth will begin. Pandora’s box has been opened.

Welcome to the revolution.


This book and the body of work David has compiled will ignite your desire to truly understand yourself, reveal and witness your true potential and help you access an unlimited wealth of knowledge, talent and ability, that has until now been suppressed!


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About The Author

David John Oates is a 60 year old Australian hypnotherapist. He has spent the last 32 years of his life researching the field of Reverse Speech, and incorporated his findings in his therapeutic work.

He has written 5 books on reverse speech and has appeared on 100s of TV and radio programs furthering his work. He also maintains an active international speaking schedule.